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How many times have you said: ‘Oh, I just can’t lose weight.’

How many times have you struggled to lose weight? Perhaps you were successful in the beginning but gave up when the going got tough because you reached a stage where your diet just didn’t work any longer. Or maybe you did lose lots of weight only to regain it the moment you returned to ‘normal’ eating.

if you tell yourself you can’t lose weight, that you have no willpower

Did you know that if you tell yourself you can’t lose weight, that you have no willpower, that everyone in your family is fat and your weight problem is genetic, it’s absolutely true?

You’ve actually hypnotized yourself into believing it.

What we need to do is to UNhypnotise you and install a positive way of thinking about weight loss.

Hypnosis is NOT A DIET

Hypnosis is NOT A DIET, but it is a way of overcoming what is preventing you from losing weight and REMOVE YOUR MENTAL BLOCKS. It is a way to remove cravings for unhealthy food. It is a way to become enthusiastic about the real reasons you would like to be slimmer so that you stick to your goals. In short, it is a way to RETHINK THE IMPOSSIBLE AND MAKE IT EASY.

The weight loss programme includes

This four session weight loss programme includes:

  • 4 personalised sessions
  • Identifying what is holding you back
  • Ways to boost your metabolism
  • Ways to bust those cravings
  • Discovering your real motivation to stick to your goals
  • Identifying and dealing with emotional eating
  • Making healthy eating an effortless choice
  • Motivation to exercise
  • Personalized recordings to listen to in between sessions.

stop smoking

Now what?

So you know cigarettes are bad for you and you’ve tried really hard to quit smoking, Now what?

Smoking kills! You know that. It’s written on every packet of cigarettes you buy. So why is it so hard to stop?

If nicotine lozenges, patches, chewing gum, counseling, and other smoking cessation methods haven’t helped you kick the habit, don’t give up.

The simple answer is: it isn’t! Or rather it doesn’t need to be.



Find out how hypnosis can help you quit live a healthier life.

If you know you would like to stop, but are having problems with your willpower, the Change Your Mind Stop Smoking Programme could be for you.

  • Up to 3 sessions
  • Identify and deal with triggers
  • Deal with the physical symptoms of giving up cigarettes
  • Find alternative behaviours
  • Discover why willpower alone doesn’t work
  • Be free of cigarettes




Stress and pain often go hand in hand.

Stress and pain often go hand in hand.
Hypnosis may help break the cycle.

As a certified OldPain2Go practitioner I am proud to offer a programme that can help people suffering from chronic pain. If you have already been diagnosed and treated by a medical professional who has ruled out more serious complaints and your only recourse is now to take pain relief medication, this may well be for you.

Hypnosis is a real therapy in which you learn how to use the power of your mind to help make positive changes.

And you’re in control.

Research shows that medical hypnosis can help with long-term (chronic) pain.
During hypnosis, you’ll focus on relaxation and letting go of distracting thoughts. You may become more open to specific suggestions and goals, such as lowering pain. After your session, we will go over the things that you can do to help you reach those goals.

Research shows that medical hypnosis can help with long-term (chronic) pain.

It may also ease the anxiety some people feel before surgery.

sugar addiction

Sugar is said to be even more addictive than cocaine

Scientists are increasingly recognizing that sugar is one of the biggest problems in the western diet increasing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

There are also a large number of programmes to persuade us to reduce our addiction to sugar. Unfortunately, many of these fail as solving this problem can be even more complicated than solving drug addiction. In fact, sugar is said to be even more addictive than cocaine.

Another reason it is so difficult is that sugar in our food is often hidden, and it certainly doesn’t help that sugary snacks and sweets are so freely available and we often regard them as treats.

This programme gets to the deep-seated reasons for why you keep reaching to sugar for comfort.

This programme aims to help you

This three session programme aims to help you:


  • Get to the root cause of your sugar addiction
  • Bring your food choices to conscious awareness
  • Apply sensible strategies to control what you eat in a sustainable way
  • Make it easier to resist the urge to eat sweet things
  • Feel better as your metabolism starts to work just as it should
  • Recognize and limit ‘hidden’ sugar in your daily shopping and food choices


Many people who are trying to lose weight may find that this programme is enough

Many people who are trying to lose weight may find that this programme is enough to help them reach their goal.




Very often fears and anxiety have their roots in early childhood experiences.

At the time it may have made perfect sense to be afraid of something.

I know that as a very young child I was chased by a relatively small, happy dog. However, to me it was a massive, roaring monster and I ran away as fast as my chubby little legs could carry me, screaming for my mummy along the way!


My subconscious registered danger. Dogs are dangerous, which became translated as ALL dogs are dangerous. My subconscious mind was doing a very good job of protecting me from potential danger.

But, hey presto! For years I had a fear of dogs!

We can eliminate the fear at its roots.

It only takes a relatively small triggering event to spark off a major irrational fear or anxiety.
In hypnosis we can communicate directly with the subconscious to convince it that an old programme, initially installed to protect you, is no longer valid and needs an upgrade.

In this way we can eliminate the fear at its roots.



So, what is it?

Perhaps you have heard stories of people who have lost weight after gastric band surgery. Maybe you are tempted to try it yourself but are afraid to take such a drastic step.

Hypnotic gastric band is the very latest in cutting edge hypnosis offering you a way to achieve the benefits of the procedure without the actual surgery.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery is a virtual surgical procedure done through hypnosis using your subconscious mind to place a band around the upper portion of your stomach. 

This unique gastric banding program helps you understand why you overeat and identifies the emotions connected to overeating that might trigger you. The clinical hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that there is no need for more food.

It is most definitely NOT a diet

The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want, but will enable you to intake smaller portions. And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, the issues which cause diets to fail.

The medical procedure reduces the physical size of the stomach, and may achieve the same result, but The Virtual Gastric Band can be undertaken quickly and privately, without the lengthy delay of hospital waiting lists, and of course carries no costly invasive surgery, no risks and no on-going medical treatment.

The 5 session programme includes:

  • Mental preparation for ‘surgery’
  • Hypnotic ‘surgery’
  • Eliminating problematic triggers for overeating
  • Bust those cravings
  • Help for you to deal with emotional eating
  • Make healthy eating an automatic choice
  • Easy portion control
  • Follow-up appointment to adjust your ‘gastric band’
Find your BMI
Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs)

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs)

Have you tried to stop biting your finger or toe nails without success?

Are you embarrassed by the state of your nails, and maybe starting to avoid situations in which people may notice your hands?

Have you tried to stop biting your finger or toe nails without success?  Are you unaware that you’re biting your nails until after you’ve done it?
Are your fingers bleeding?

Do you pull your hair? Do you pick your skin? Teeth grinding? 

What all of these bad habits have in common is that you find yourself doing them, or wanting to do them, subconsciously.

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs), which occur on the Obsessive Compulsive spectrum.

You don’t consciously go through a thought process of telling yourself to do it.

Nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking etc are in a set of disorders categorised as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs),
which occur on the Obsessive Compulsive spectrum.

BFRBs are far more common than previously understood, often up to three times more common than anorexia, with a prevalence of between 1-4% in the general population.

Typically, people will regularly engage in repetitive self-grooming habits that end up damaging their bodies, for example, pulling, picking, biting or scraping of the hair, skin or nails.
It’s important to note that the intention is to remove perceived imperfections, so this is not self-harm.

You use bad habits to distract yourself

Usually, those bad habits emerge when you are feeling anxious, restless, tired, stressed, hungry, bored, nervous, too busy, fed up, or when you are trying to concentrate on something important.

You use bad habits to distract yourself, to take a moment out, to make yourself feel better.

This programme aims to help you:

Get to the root cause of your bad habit
Apply sensible strategies to control your bad habit
Make it easier to resist the urge to perform your bad habit.


Can lead to anxiety and can make it hard for you to concentrate.
As well as making you feel tired, lack of sleep can lead to physical illness and increase your risk of heart disease and obesity.

Mentally, not getting enough sleep can lead to anxiety and can make it hard for you to concentrate.

Sleep is vital for our health and even helps us regulate our weight. So why is it so many of us have trouble falling or staying asleep when we go to bed?

If you struggle with insomnia, your solution may be hypnosis.
If you struggle with insomnia, your solution may be hypnosis.

While there are medications which can help you sleep, the quality of your sleep is often compromised when you take them.

Think about the fact that most sleep medications are either addictive and can be used only short term, or they become ineffective as you build up a tolerance to them.

Hypnosis is a much more effective, not to mention safer, alternative.

Insomnia is often a series of learned behaviors and can be worsened by bad bedtime behaviors, or poor sleep hygiene.

The idea that chronic insomnia symptoms are somehow learned and become part of your regular behavior is behind the idea that hypnosis can help.

Insomnia is often a series of learned behaviors and can be worsened by bad bedtime behaviors, or poor sleep hygiene.

Hypnosis can help you modify those beliefs and permanently rewire them in your brain.

Change Your Mind can help you discover the reasons behind your insomnia and help you find your inner resources to help you overcome it.



Would you like to have the most positive childbirth experience you can?

With Hypnobirthing you can be more confident about achieving this and learn skills that help you have your baby your way, whatever happens, and feel positive about it afterwards.

This means less stress for you and your baby, giving your little one the very best start in life.

Guided by your own particular goals, I will respect your choices and develop a flexible programme for you. 

You will learn skills that are useful not only during labour, but also before and after the birth. 


Gain confidence with:

Gain confidence with:

  • Managing uncertainty
  • Techniques which can help with pain control and discomfort
  • Handling negative self-talk and unhelpful stories others tell you
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Communicating effectively with your medical team
  • Meeting challenges and keeping going
  • Developing a birth plan for your mind


Positive supportive mindset

This is an investment in a life skill that can go beyond the birth itself.  Knowing how to use self-hypnosis can be invaluable in other areas where you need a positive supportive mindset – for both you and your partner.

If you prefer a one to one, flexible approach to Hypnobirthing and think you will benefit from working with a qualified, professional KG hypnobirthing teacher, please contact me.


The programme includes:

The programme includes:

  • 4 sessions of bespoke hypnobirthing training
  • Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing book
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Scripts for you and your partner to use before and during birth
  • Individualized personal recordings
  • A copy of my own beautifully crafted positive birth affirmations.
  • Email support.


It has been clinically proven that hypnosis can significantly reduce

It has been clinically proven that hypnosis can significantly reduce some of the more unpleasant symptoms: particularly hot flushes


Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, negative self-image. All these and more can be symptoms of a significant time in a woman’s life – the menopause.
So why is it often so difficult? If you are looking for a safe, natural alternative to suffering and/or hormone treatment, Hypnosis can help.


Over four sessions we will help you:

Over four sessions we will help you:

  • Turn down the heat of hot flushes
  • Manage uncertainty
  • Teach you techniques to help with  discomfort
  • Improve your self image
  • Handle negative self-talk and unhelpful stories others tell you
  • Learn self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to improve symptoms
  • Meet challenges and keeping going
The programme also includes:

The programme also includes:

  • Individualised recordings for you to listen to between sessions to reinforce positive ways of thinking.
  • Making you feel happier in your own skin
  • Enabling you to feel at ease this life event.

Please note. Menopause is a very individual experience. Master Your Menopause is an an individualised program designed exclusively for YOU and your symptoms.

1st  consultation will be complimentary.

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